HEDRON studio is a design and fabrication studio in Brooklyn, NYC


HEDRON studio is a design and fabrication studio in Brooklyn, NYC, founded by Abigail Lloyd in 2013. We love metal!  Hedron works in a variety of contexts: custom projects, set design, furniture, lighting, props, outdoor/indoor, public work, residential, commercial and sculptural.  

Abigail got interested in metal-working while studying at Bard College.  After graduating in 2007, she worked at a blacksmith shop and as a freelance steel fabricator before committing to a full-time studio practice in Brooklyn.  

Although primarily working in steel, Abigail also incorporates reclaimed wood, concrete, plaster, silver, brass, gold, gemstones and other media in her work.  Originally from Maine, and by way of the Bay Area, Abigail pulls from a varied landscape for aesthetic content.  She looks to geometry textbooks, femme maximalisms, quilts, the minimalism of Agnes Martin, bridges, locomotion, the freeway system, Bath Iron Works, stars and fractals for reference material.


Hedron uses reclaimed materials whenever possible, and everything we make is fabricated to be an "heirloom piece,” lasting you a lifetime. We guarantee our furniture and sculptural pieces forever.  Jewelry is guaranteed for. Please see shipping and terms for a complete over-view of our guarantee.  In the studio, we also avidly recycle our scrap metal: some is used in our workshops for students to sift through making their sculptures, and the remainder finds itself at the scrap metal yard, to be bundled and cubed for re-use. 


PHOTOGRAPHY on this site

     many photos taken by the incredibly talented Zander Taketomo.

     photos also taken by Hedron Studio.