Paulina Olowska: A Wreath of Goddesses

In the fall of 2016 I met with Paulina to design headdresses and props for her show "A Wreath of Goddesses", performed by members of the Ballez.  The costumes were designed after paintings by Polish artist Zofia Stryjeńska.  Working from meeting notes and just printed images of Stryjenska's paintings (pictured), I fabricated the 6 headdresses, lightening hand props and bee-hive for the dancers.  The headdresses are quite tall, some more than 36" high, and made from 1/8" steel rods, welded together.  Although the dancers had to adapt to the added weight and thrown center of balance, the costumes remained true to Stryjenska's primary vision.  Paulina and her assistants worked with the armatures to attach feathers, mirrors and fabric to the headdresses. The show debuted at the Kitchen in January, 2017.