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We ship all US orders via USPS Priority Mail or UPS priority.  Shipping takes 3-9 days from the date the piece is put in the mail.  If pieces are marked “Ready to ship” they will generally ship within 3 days of purchase.  If pieces are made-to-order, they will generally ship within 14 days of purchase. Please email us if you need a rush shipping and we can typically accommodate. 





All sales are final.  If an item is purchased by mistake, or you would like to change your order please contact us at and we are happy to exchange.  



Although all sales are final,  exchanges may be made if you end up needing a different size, or something else caught your eye between payment and shipping.  Please email us at and we will be happy to make sure the Hedron pieces you end up with are ones you love. 



All Hedron pieces are made lovingly and carefully by hand in Brooklyn with high quality materials and to a high standard of craft.  Your jewelry should, however, be treated with care- avoid wearing your pieces in the shower (especially pyrite, steel and bronze), avoid chemicals coming into contact with your jewelry (including chlorine in pools and hot tubs), and avoid leaving your jewelry out in hot direct sunlight.  Steel rings can occasionally leave a temporary red stain on skin, depending on your PH balance.  Your skin will patina the steel over time and this will stop happening.  If your jewelry has stones, crystals or gems in it, please use extra care- although rare, knocking on metal doors or slamming your hand down on something could crack a stone.  If your jewelry is made from very delicate silver or gold, be aware that it can be crushed or bent out of shape. 

With a little care, your Hedron pieces can be worn safely everyday!




We make each Hedron piece to be heirloom quality.  If your piece breaks or is damaged, please photograph and email us details. We will determine the cause of the problem, and come up with a plan to fix or replace.  If the problem comes from normal wear and tear, and not from a fabrication issue, we will issue a repair invoice before we have received the piece to fix. We do not cover broken stones! If a stone breaks, we are often able to replace it, and will discuss fees before fixing. 




If you lose a single earring we are happy to replace it for half the cost of the pair. 


Shipping Damage: 

Although incredibly rare, if a piece is damaged when you receive it, please email us immediately with pictures and we will determine the issue and replace or repair your piece.  Emails received the day of receipt will be considered shipping damage. 




Many rings can be resized up to a 1/4 or 1/2 size larger. Rings can rarely be sized smaller.  Contact us and we will discuss your particular ring. 




Please contact us with any other concerns or questions

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